Everyone eats…so someone has to cook.

If you’re the one who’s cooking…how’s that working out?

Are you  … 
Satisfied … Frustrated … 
Struggling ... ?

I help people who want to enjoy this daily task,                         instead of being stressed by it.

Do you struggle to put a tasty, healthy, economical supper on the table quickly, when you’re tired from your workday?

Are you trying to satisfy the tastes of children and adults?

Do you wish you could stop eating out/takeout so often?

Are you ready to start saving time and money?

If you are stressed by your cooking life, you are not alone.

There are solutions to the challenges in your cooking life, no matter what it’s like now.

There’s so much information and advice out there…how can you find what’s useful for you?

Assembling a Cooking Life offers personal coaching, in-person or via email, to help you achieve success.

Believe me, you can have ease and pleasure in your cooking life!

Please read on to see…

Is this you?


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