I’d like to share one of my favorite ideas.  Not claiming it’s original, but it is a worthy standard.

A few comments to start:

·  I love the title, so I use it, but if your family is larger than 3, you may want to roast 2 chickens, which is as easy as roasting one.
·  This plan works just fine with a purchased rotisserie chicken (or two.)
·  In terms of cost, finding whole chickens on sale is the best, but I’ve found that sometimes regular pricing is almost the same for store-roasted as for uncooked, especially if you want a bird that is kosher or organic.  You can also find sales for “half off second roasted chicken” at some markets.
·  There are umpteen ways to roast a chicken.  Choose a recipe that sounds good to you or click here for a basic recipe.  If you haven’t done it before, start simple.

Maybe that’s Sunday dinner

Don’t throw out any of the bones when cleaning plates.

After the meal, pick all of the remaining meat off of the chicken carcass & refrigerate.
Discard all skin.
→  If you have time, go on to the next step
→  If not, put bones in a plastic bag, tie up the bag and refrigerate, for up to 3 days, before continuing
→  If you won’t have time for a while, just stick the bag o’ bones in the freezer until you do

Place chicken bones in pot of water with roughly chopped onion, carrot, celery, parsnip, garlic cloves, bay leaves…
→  This is a good opportunity to clean out the vegetable bin, using old, limp, dried out veggies
Simmer for about 2-4 hours, uncovered, skimming foam from top
Cool a bit, then strain out solids and refrigerate broth.

Easy options for using shredded chicken:
Chicken tacos or tostadas
Couscous Curry with chicken and veggies
Chicken Caesar salad
Chicken Pot Pie or Hand pies
Stir fry with chicken
Pizza or Calzone with chicken & veggies
Pasta with chicken & veggies

Simple soup options for using homemade chicken broth:
Matzo ball soup
Chicken noodle soup
Minestrone soup
Sausage & kale soup
Clean-the-refrigerator soup

More specifics about some of these easy meals next time.


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