USING SHREDDED CHICKEN, part one of many

So, you have a mess of shredded chicken, from roasting a bird or two, or from a rotisserie chicken, or because there was a sale on chicken breasts or thighs.
It’s a little like having money in the bank,there are lots of juicy ways to ‘spend’ it.
Unlike money, chicken will go bad, so don’t save it for too long, okay?

Unless…you pack it snuggly in a freezer ziplock bag and stash it in the freezer to use in soup another day.  That’s an option, too.

My family loves tortillas, so tacos, burritos or tostadas are quick favorites.

Quickest and easiest would be:

SOFT TACOS (click here for recipe)

We’re talking about using shredded chicken, but if you have (or are) an eater who prefers not to eat chicken, beans are wonderful in tacos (and burritos & on tostadas.)  Beans and chicken can crowd into the tortilla together with delicious results.  You can certainly use canned refried beans, but click here for my surefire recipe for:

GUATEMALAN BLACK BEANS (can also be made with pinto beans, add chili powder to taste)

These beans freeze perfectly and thawing a bag of them has often “saved the day” for me at supper time.

A note about useful equipment.  There’s something called a Burner Plate that fits over standard gas or electric burners to create a flat cooking surface for even heat distribution.  In other words, it really helps prevent sticking & burning.  There are many times when it’s useful and cooking beans is one of them.  Fairly easy to find in cooking stores, some hardware stores and online.

Back to the chicken.

Tacos can also be made with the pre-fried shells sold in the grocery store.  Kids tend to want the chip-like crunch, but the flavor is not as good.

BURRITOS, (click here for recipe)  use almost the same ingredients as soft tacos, with a few changes.

Add your chosen filling items piled in a line that runs between 8 o’clock & 4 o’clock, thinking of the tortilla as the face of an analog clock.  If you are completely digital, shame on you…do a little research!  Okay, here’s a hint.

Rolling a burrito takes some practice, but start by folding the bottom on the tortilla up, on top of the fillings, then fold in the right and left sides and hold them in place/keep pushing them in as you roll it up the rest of the way.

Dip a finger in water and wet the upper edge, roll so that this sealed edge is down for a few moments and with a little practice you will have a neat, delicious and inexpensive little bundle.  Yum.

Next time, a quick recipe for Guatemalan Rice and a how-to on an easy, no-stress way to poach chicken (in case you need to create leftover cooked chicken…)


One comment on “USING SHREDDED CHICKEN, part one of many

  1. deb says:

    Yum! Must be close to dinnertime — your recipes sound heavenly.

    One addition that my family likes is a good big dollop of ‘crema’ on the taco or burrito. This is the recipe used by Rubio’s Fish Tacos in San Diego and is the closest we have come to the authentic, but expensive, Mexican crema in the stores.

    Super simple: 1/2 mayo, 1/2 sour cream and a good big squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Stir it up and apply to taco — gives it a real zing!

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