About CJ

My name is Catherine Johnson.

I am a writer, editor and cooking life coach.

I help people who want to find ease & enjoyment in daily cooking tasks.

I work in-person, in the greater Boston area,

or via email, if you are not local.

The AaCL blog has use-it-now information & reflective questions about our cooking lives…

Inspired by my work with clients, I am researching and writing a book about the Food Life Stories of all kinds of people, beginning with their childhood and moving through the changes in their lives.

Here’s Some of My Cooking Life Story

◊    I’ve been cooking for about 50 years.  I’ve done three-meals-a-day for more than 20 of those years.
◊    My professional work experience includes:  baking for and cooking in restaurants, working as a private chef, cooking in daycare centers and nursing homes and working as a personal (grocery) shopper.
◊    I’m an avid consumer of cookbooks, cooking magazines and now internet sources, always collecting recipes and cooking tips.
◊    Anyone who is willing to talk with me about food, wherever I travel around the country or the globe, becomes a source of new information and ideas.
◊    I am passionate about my family and friends, hearing people’s life stories, writing, cooking and sharing it all.

Sharing with you and hearing about your cooking life would be a pleasure.

Please send me a note… It would be great to


 West Medford, Massachusetts