Focus Questions

So, what is working for you and what is not?

I know, it’s complicated.

Here’s one way to begin to sort it out.

Ask yourself these questions and take some notes.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and send it along to me…


         … are you cooking for?

         … be specific about ages, genders, likes and dislikes


        …do you struggle with, what bothers you the most? 

        … appetites or special diets do you need to consider?

… ingredients do you keep in your kitchen?

… skills do you think could make things easier for you?

… is your food budget and is it a major concern?


… do you cook and do you like it?

… does the space ‘work’ for you?

… is there equipment that you think would help?


        … you cook, could your time be used more efficiently?

… do you shop for food?  How often?  With a list?


        … does your cooking and eating life feel right now?

… can things change?


Yes, they can.      Starting right now.