Is This You?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You more-or-less enjoy cooking, but it feels like a burden. You’re tired of the routine.  What can you do that will make cooking a pleasure again?

You’ve just moved into a new home and it’s time to set up the kitchen, maybe your first-ever kitchen.  Where do you start?  What utensils and equipment do you really need?

It can be even more overwhelming, and exciting, if you’re getting married and need to put items on a wish list for gifts.

Your children want plain pasta with butter and cheese – again. You and your spouse want to eat something a bit more interesting.  How can you feed everyone without making two or three or four different meals?

Random leftovers are crowding the refrigerator, vegetables are getting limp in the crisper drawer and you don’t want to spend money and time in the grocery store.  How can you put together an appealing meal using what you already have?

You’re tired of eating takeout or prepared foods.  You have the time and want to save some money.  You wonder, “What could I make for guests that would be a little impressive?  How do I plan and execute a menu, from appetizer to dessert and have things ready at the right time?”

You actually don’t like to cook, but you have a family and it’s your job to prepare food for them.  You can’t afford to have someone else cook for you, but how can you make this daily chore more bearable?

What you want and have is an active life.  Of course you need to eat, you want to eat healthy food and maybe you need to feed others as well.  But you have other passions:  you want to spend your time hiking, sewing, painting, playing games on the internet, folk dancing…  Can this cooking thing be streamlined so that it doesn’t take up so much time?

If one of these situations sounds familiar, we can help.  

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