Breaking a Few Eggs…

At Assembling a Cooking Life , we enjoy cracking, (er) tackling problems…

Are You:

•   Experiencing a change in your cooking life?

•  shifting to a different way of eating?

•  feeding young children, while taking care of them?

•  preparing meals for just 1 or 2 people, instead of a crowd?

•   Twenty-something and at the start of your independent cooking life?

•   Deeply involved in raising a family & a career, struggling to fit all the pieces together?

•   A mature adult who finds yourself with time, space and a desire to do things differently in the kitchen?

Do You:

•   Want to try using new items you find in your CSA box or at the farmers market?

•   Want to plan for and use leftovers, creatively & deliciously to save time and money?

  Want help with some of the basics?

•  Stocking a pantry (cupboard), freezer & refrigerator with staples that work for you.

•  Reading a recipe, menu planning &/or planning meals for a week.

•  Making a shopping list & marketing efficiently, without stress.

•  Learning simple cooking methods, like roasting & blanching.

•  Managing timing so that different dishes are ready at the right time.

Sounds great, but will it work for you?

It will, if you:

•  Want to find/rediscover the pleasure & enjoyment in this daily activity

•   Love the idea of saving money, time & energy

•   Are willing to try new ways of doing things

Want to know more?

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