How It Works…

This process works because it’s simple.

The focus is on your individual cooking life.

Clients ask:

“Teach me a few quick, healthy recipes that kids will eat?”

“How did you make this from leftovers?”

“Go with me and show me how to grocery shop?”

“How do you plan meals for the week?”

 “I love the farmers market, but how do I cook fresh veggies?”

What are the tools:  equipment, skills, habits, recipes, menus & information that you need?

How do you assemble a cooking life?

Three key elements help move you from stressed to an enjoyable and efficient cooking life.

You start by

Understanding where you are now

We start by identifying what has made and what does make you happy about food preparation and consumption… and what doesn’t.

Making a plan, mapping your goals

Once issues are named, a plan takes shape as you prioritize what you want to change.  Finding and keeping a balance of enjoyment and efficiency is key.

Experimenting, evaluating and strategizing

Change takes time, but as you try each suggested step, positive results will begin immediately.  Not always miracles, but a happy sense of progress.  Practicing new approaches to old problems, your successes  lead to strategies that you can count on.

Now it’s time to think about

Moving On…

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How It Works…


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