Moving ahead…

Know this:

We can all move toward pleasure & ease in our cooking life.

Every one of us.

Some things to keep in mind:

Betty Crocker was an advertising image, not a real woman.

Restaurant & celebrity chefs have prep chefs.

You can learn to manage and enjoy your cooking life.

How many times a week do you say to yourself :

I don’t want to cook dinner.

I don’t want to go to the grocery store.

What the *#@! am I going to make for supper?

How many times a week do you tell yourself:

I should be doing a better job feeding myself/my family.

I hate this.     I’d rather be…

I’m bored.  I’m too tired.

How many times last month were you frustrated by:

Time pressure.  Missing ingredients.

What to do?

Assembling a Cooking Life can help

Initial consultation is free.

Follow up sessions on a sliding scale.

Suggested fee is:

$50 for one hour or

$70 for 1.5 hours

Gift packages available, with email support and advice


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